A software engineer , Sidney Osahon, who was about being evicted by his landlady , has won the N 20m Give ‘ n ’ Take

national lottery jackpot in Abuja .

The 35- year – old native of Edo State explained that he was contemplating selling his mother ’ s landed property in the Federal Capital Territory , when he received information last Sunday that he is now N 20m richer .

Speaking to journalists on Thursday in Abuja , Osahon said he had been playing the lottery for some time , noting that his win came at the time his landlady was threatening to evict him .

He said , “ I owed my landlady a few months ’ rents and she had been threatening to evict me . In fact , the day I received the news of my win, she had sent me an SMS in the morning that she was coming for a showdown over the arrears of rent.

“ My mother was saying maybe we should sell her parcel of land in Abuja and use part of the proceeds to settle the rent, but I felt that was not a progressive thing to do . So , I prayed to God that I am tired of paying rent and that I would like to move into my own house , and God did it for me ; I am now a landlord, ” Osahon said jubilantly .

He added that his mother doubted him when he informed her that he was now a millionaire , noting that she almost fainted on hearing the good news .

He said , “ When I told her that I had got the money to build my house , she didn’ t believe it . She said , ‘ I would faint ’ . ”

The Managing Director , Give ‘ n ’ Take lottery , Jolly Enabulele , disclosed that Osahon played the lottery with N 100 , noting that his win, from available records , is the biggest lottery prize in the history of lottery in the country.

He further explained that Osahon won the N 20m jackpot because the first winner failed to claim the prize, adding that the money was rolled over to another week and Osahon won the star prize.

Enabulele said , “ It will interest you to know that a ticket on December 24, 2017 emerged the first ticket to win the N 20m bonanza , but failed to come forward within seven days to claim his winnings.

“ That failure and in keeping with our avowed promise to ensure that someone wins the national jackpot prize, we held a second electronic draw after the weekly jackpot draw , which then saw Osahon join the millionaires ’ club . ”

The organisers stated that the jackpot winner would be presented his cheque on Sunday by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission officials .

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